Add Natural Light to a Basement with a Lightwell


This glass floorlight within a rear garden allows light into the basement below

If your home is lucky enough to have a basement space the key to making this area bright an useable is the introduction of natural light.

This influx of natural daylight can be introduced to the space in numerous ways; using floorlights to allow light in from upper floors, frameless balustrades around entrances to the basement or low level windows if they are suitable.

But the best way to get a large amount of natural light into these below ground spaces is with the introduction of a lightwell.

These spaces funnel light from upper floors right down into the heart of the basement space. They also make the basement seem more open and bright using large walls of glass to allow the light from the lightwell to enter the basement space.

A great design option here is to use sliding glass doors with a very minimal frame. The large glass panels available paired with the extremely small framing sightlines can create enormous faces of glass to bring light into the basement whilst the action of the moving opening door now allows the lightwell to be used as an extra external space or direct access to the rear garden.

The double height lightwell is includes sliding glass doors to the basement and fixed glass above

In a recent project in Wandsworth minimally framed sliding glass doors from IQ Glass were used in a rear lightwell to a new build home. The basement spans the full floor plan of the home above with no other natural light source than the double height lightwell to the rear.

Above the sliding glass doors residential curtain walling seamlessly merges into the sliding doors to the rear extension. Frameless balustrades then protect the drop into the lightwell both inside and outside. The use of glass balustrades in these situations ensures that essential light is not blocked by needless framing.

Acceptable levels of natural light are essential design considerations to be made when creating or renovating basement spaces. Speak to IQ Glass, based in Amersham, for more advice and information about introducing a lightwell into your design.

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