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Do I Knock Down and Rebuild?

When creating a new home in an area with limited building land available such as the Home Counties there are two normal solutions; renovating an existing building or knock down and rebuild. For home owners looking to create a modern, contemporary design building the appeal of knocking […]

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Underground Homes

Building homes and spaces underground is not a new form of construction, in fact building subterranean homes has been a popular building choice for many hundreds of years. It had lost favour in the past few years with the focus of architecture on light bright, open spaces […]

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Add Natural Light to a Basement with a Lightwell

  If your home is lucky enough to have a basement space the key to making this area bright an useable is the introduction of natural light. This influx of natural daylight can be introduced to the space in numerous ways; using floorlights to allow light in […]

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