Contemporary New Build House in Chorleywood

Contemporary new build house- Beechcroft

An eye-catching design using large frameless windows to flood the open plan living space with light and capture the trees surrounding the contemporary new build. Buckinghamshire is a sought after county for modern living, with direct transport links into central London. Constructing and designing a new home can be difficult with limited building land available. Therefore home owners are willing to renovate or knock down and rebuild, in order to achieve the ceiling height and floor layout desired.

Location is a crucial aspect when choosing a home and home owners are increasingly turning to f knock down and rebuild projects to create a modern, contemporary home suited to their needs and lifestyle in the location they desire. IQ Glass were recently involved with a contemporary new build ‘Beechcroft’ in Hertfordshire, Chorleywood. The modern house design uses numerous elements of aluminium framed glazing for a minimal, contemporary design finish, creating a home bathed in natural light with eye-catching large frameless windows.

The aluminium sliding glass doors to the rear of the property create a modern patio door installation with frameless structural glass windows continuing the minimal appearance that the glass and the white rendered exterior achieves. Surrounding Beechcroft is a carefully landscaped garden providing the perfect balance of daylight and privacy to the large elevations of glass. Enclosing the house too much could have prevented the natural light from entering. Three large rooflights have been incorporated into the design throughout the lower floor to increase the amount of natural light into the open plan living spaces even more.

Several large  frameless window arrangements were designed with a small opening aluminium window within them for ventilation. Using thin aluminium frames around these windows enables a cohesive design throughout the new build and an impressive design impact form both inside and out.

The contemporary design of this new build adheres easily with modern building regulations by using highly insulating double glazed units throughout. The home fits in perfectly with the surrounding homes, the bespoke slim casement windows and large frameless windows form an amazing piece of architecture with the angled gable end windows designed to fit into the roof profile.

Rear view of the property with sliding glass doors and bespoke glazing elements
Open plan kitchen diner with sliding glass doors flooding the spaces with natural light.
Bespoke fixed structural glazing – great way to add natural light in

All the glazing to this project was designed and installed by IQ Glass, based in Amersham.

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