Do I Knock Down and Rebuild?

The knock down and rebuild home in Hampstead is a remarkably different design to its neighbours

When creating a new home in an area with limited building land available such as the Home Counties there are two normal solutions; renovating an existing building or knock down and rebuild.

For home owners looking to create a modern, contemporary design building the appeal of knocking down and existing dwelling and building a new home from scratch is high.

On a new build home the scope for the modern design of the home when creating a house form scratch is much wider with much more freedom available for ceiling heights, window placement and layout.

Modern architecture favours clean lines, contrasting building materials and flat surfaces.

This recent ‘knock down rebuild’ home in Hampstead shows you what can be achieved by creating a new home and new design for a house. The new building has a noticeably different design to the neighbouring properties and the new internal layout allows for the pinnacles in modern luxury living from a basement pool, feature staircase and high level ceilings.

Interlayers were used within the glass to the bathroom to create privacy but maintain natural light

Windows and other installations of glass featured heavily in the design of this contemporary home. Glass does have a prominent place within the material choice on modern homes and clever application of these complex glass installations is the key to a successful design.

At the project in Hampstead the clients were keen to have windows on all faces of the building for natural light but didn’t want to compromise on privacy. To the front elevation and in the windows to the bathroom spaces large frameless windows were used with a translucent finish, allowing lots of light into the spaces without outsiders being able to see in. This is a modern alternative to patterned and obscured glass traditionally used to bathroom areas.

To the rear of the house a double height glass walled room brings in lots of natural light covering two floors and allows fantastic, uninterrupted views over the gardens from different spaces within the open plan layout.

A double height glass box, sliding glass doors and frameless balustrades allow light into the basement and rear of the home

Other elements like a feature glass staircase, sliding doors to the basement void and frameless balustrades all contribute to the clean, modern aesthetic of this new home. All of these interesting and attractive design elements would not have been possible to include if simply renovating the house that originally stood on the plot. By knocking down this outdated home the designers were able to create the modern home the family wanted.


All the glazing to this project was designed and installed by IQ Glass, based in Amersham.

Contact them on 01494 722 880,, or visit their new showroom in Amersham

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