Opening the Corners

Sliding doors open on the corner

The strive towards creating more fluid internal to external exchanges is the driving force behind many extension and renovation projects in modern design.

This effect was first attempted by using large elements of glazing to the rear, the inclusion of bi folding doors to open up a full façade, and flush floor tracks across open doors.

Now you can take this even further by opening up whole corners of an extension or space. Using bi fold or sliding door systems you can effectively slide open the corner of a room leaving no left over corner posts or framing.

The effect of having this open space within what is generally a solid opaque are of wall is a brilliant and different way to create these indoor-outdoor effects.

Design and implementation of these ‘open corners’ has no progressed to allow the meeting joints to be angles other than 90 degrees.

The sliding doors at Sheldon Avenue slid away from a non 90 degree corner

IQ Glass, an architectural glazing company in Amersham, have been producing sliding doors with opening corner mechanism for years and now can produce opening corenrs at any angle needed.

A recent project of theirs on Sheldon Avenue in London showcases what these interesting corner shapes can look like and the effect it can have on the overall design of a space both inside and out.

On this project two non-orthogonal corner joints slide effortlessly away to open up the rear elevation of the extension to the living spaces and garden. One section used an inverted angle of 1410 and the protruding angle was 1180.

The odd angles created a concertina effect to the rear elevation of the extension immediately making it a remarkably different and unique design to other similar glass extensions.

You can contact IQ Glass for more information about the project at Sheldon Avenue or other uses of opening corner sliding glass doors.

01494 722 880 | |

Or you can visit their local showroom in Amersham where an opening corner is fully installed to their offices.

The Courtyard | Sky House | Raans Road | Amersham | HP6 6JQ

The opening corner installation at IQ’s Courtyard Showroom, Amersham

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