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Garden Design Hertfordshire


In this fraught and busy world, people are becoming more aware of the value of their gardens as both a pleasurable asset, giving them a space to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of life, to entertain in and even to garden in. A well designed, beautiful garden can also add value to a house. A figure often bandied about is that according to the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, having a well designed and maintained garden can add 5% or more to the value of your house.


Many people do have the ability, but not the time or inclination or if time is not a problem, may not have the expertise and knowledge required to create that gorgeous outdoor space that they yearn after. It can be a fraught time consuming process and mistakes are easily made, with unsuitable paving chosen, seating areas the wrong size or in the wrong place and plants that don’t thrive in the conditions in your garden.

The whole thing can become a costly and time consuming project, which leaves you with a garden that never feels quite right, is not practical, doesn’t fulfil your dreams and to cap it all also eats in to your precious spare time to keep it looking reasonable!!

So why not save yourselves the time and energy and quite often money by getting in the experts at TM Garden Design Hertfordshire to create that dream garden for you.


Thrity Mama  I undertook my training at the prestigious Capel Manor College, qualifying in Garden Design, Planting Design and also completed a years’ Hard Landscaping (I felt it essential to spend a year with builders actually digging holes and laying patios, so when designing structures and dealing with contractors I have a practical knowledge of what is possible and how it should be done). I also took and passed the RHS Certificate of Horticulture.
I have in the past been asked – “What is your style?” My answer is simply “I don’t have any particular style”.

Garden Designer Hertfordshire
Garden Designer Hertfordshire

By working closely with each of my clients, I create a design unique to them. By tailoring the design to met their individual tastes, requirements and budget, creating the garden that is lurking somewhere in their imagination, whether its’ a cool contemporary entertaining space, a calm country cottage or an elegant formal garden.


In order to blur the boundary between inside and out and ensure that the space flows effortless, we at TM Garden Design Hertfordshire will often use similar colours, materials and styling as are used in the house, out in the garden. This gives a sense of continuity between the two spaces and gives the feeling of extending the living space out into the garden, creating an outside room.

My aim is to make the best use of the space, creating a garden which not only looks beautiful, but is practical to use and that you will enjoy using for years to come.

Let me, as the qualified Garden Designer at TM GARDEN DESIGN HERTFORDSHIRE take the strain, using my expertise and experience to create a beautiful garden filled with fabulous planting for you.

By tailoring my service to the needs of my clients (they are free to use all or part of the services that they feel they need), I strive to ensure that the transformation of their garden is carried out in a smooth and stress free way, as is possible.


My first visit, within a 40minute drive of Watford, to you is always FREE. During this visit, which usually takes about an hour, we can get to know each other and you can have a look at a portfolio of my work. I can have a look at the area that needs working on and we have a brief chat about what you are looking for.

From this meeting, we at TM Garden Design Hertfordshire will be able to calculate the Design Fees for the services that are appropriate to your project, enabling you to decide on the level of service you require.


Layout Plan – shows all the permanent features in the garden, such as patios, paths and lawns.
Contractor Liaison – working with the chosen contractor to ensure the successful transition of the plan from paper to the ground.
Planting Plan – where the plants go, quantities and sizes
Sourcing the plants and planting the garden – my favourite part
Follow up visits to see how the garden is growing and advice on how to keep it looking its’ best over time.
Garden Agony Aunt – A written report dealing with a particular problem, giving advice and practical solutions.


Once a design has been commissioned the following steps will lead to a wonderful garden:

Site Survey; We at TM Garden Design Hertfordshire measure the area accurately, including gradients of slopes and anything that is to remain in the garden as it is. The way the sun moves through the garden, views in and out of the garden and anything else that affects the way the garden is used are also noted.
In order that TM Garden Design can create the design unique to you, we will, at this stage, have a more in depth chat about how you see the garden, any issues that the design needs to address, such as screening an ugly view, creating privacy and not forgetting the practicalities – where do the bins and washing line go.
Concept Drawings; From the site survey, TM Garden Design Hertfordshire creates pencil drawings, showing different options for the layout of the garden. Alterations or amendments to the Design can be made at this stage, easier and cheaper to rub out a line on paper, than take down and rebuild a wall!!

Final Inked Design; Once the preferred Layout has been decided the Final inked Layout Plan is produced by TM Garden Design Hertfordshire. This plan is always drawn to a suitable scale with detailed notes regarding the building of the garden eg paving to be used and its’ laying pattern.

The scaled drawing enables contractors all to quote on the same basis, avoiding confusion or misunderstanding, making it easier to compare quotes and decide on the best one for you.

This service can be used on several different levels and we at TM Garden Design Hertfordshire are happy to help you decide which is best for you:
Contractor Selection – advice on which company to use, we are happy to recommend Contractors that we have worked with in the past and look at quotations and help you come to a decision regarding which is best suited to you.

TM Garden Design Hertfordshire will charge an hourly rate for this service.

Marking Out Service – Once the area has been cleared, TM Garden Design Hertfordshire will be on site when the design is drawn out on the bare earth. If the design does need a little fine tuning, it can be done at this stage, easier and cheaper to rub out a paint line on the soil, than knock a wall down. There is a one off fee involved here which will depend on the complexity of the plan.

The Full Service – Regular visits to liaise with the contractors, whilst the garden is being built.

Herts Garden Design

TM Garden Design Hertfordshire will be the first port of call for the contractor, thus keeping your stress levels to a minimum.

This is often charged as a percentage of the total build costs, anything from 10% upwards. Here at TM Garden Design Hertfordshire, I believe it is fairer to our clients to charge for the time we are actually on site, (though we do have to include travel time).

We charge for this service at an hourly rate.


Beautiful Garden Flowers

As far as I am concerned when the plants go into the garden it really comes alive. The garden can look a bit hard and lifeless with just the paving and bare earth, then the plants arrive. We set them out and plant and WOW! It all comes together, the plants really are the icing on the cake, they softening the edges of the paving, reflect and reinforce the style, bringing colour, movement, texture and with trees height into the garden that has been created by TM Garden Design Hertfordshire.

A well chosen planting scheme will ensure that the garden will look lovely what ever the time of year, using a combination of evergreens in the depths of winter and a fabulous combination of flower colour and shapes through the rest of the year.

On a practical note, the range of plants chosen by TM Garden Design Hertfordshire will suit the conditions in your garden, ensuring that they will thrive and not just survive!!

TM Garden Design Hertfordshire Commercial and Domestic projects with lighting and ornaments

Commercial Project

Garden Designer Herts Commercial

Domestic Project

Garden Designer Herts Domestic


For those not sure if they need any designs or have a particular problem, such as an area where nothing seems to grow or need some general advice. We at TM Garden Design Hertfordshire offer an advisory service. Thrity our designer will visit you to discuss the problems and then produce a written report, giving practical solutions to the problem. Be it suggestions on improving the garden layout or lists of plants that would be suitable for particular conditions in the garden. No Drawings are provided; however should you subsequently decide to commission TM Garden Design Hertfordshire to carry out design work based on the report, there will be a discount from the design fee.

What ever your Design needs are in the garden TM Garden Design Hertfordshire will tailor our services to suit you. Our structure of fees is transparent – so no nasty shocks. We aim to help you achieve that dream garden, the extra outdoor room for entertaining or a quiet, peaceful place in which to escape the hustle and bustle of every day life