Property Health and Safety Consultant

Property Health and Safety Consultant
Chris Stops
Contact: Chris Stops
Business: Property Health and Safety Consultant
Clarence Cottage
Marlow Road
Bourne End
Contact No:  +44 (0) 775 437 1542

Chartered EngineerOSHCRIOSH

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Chris Stops Associates are safety professionals who excel at assisting the construction sector manage its safety related processes and procedures.

We assist developers and property owners, surveyors and designers, and building contractors with:

  • The collation of pre-construction information
  • Design risk assessments
  • Construction phase health and safety plans, risk assessments and method statements
  • Employee training and competence checking
  • Accident investigation
  • Site Inspections

Since April 2015 the Construction Design and Management Regulations have applied to all types of construction except when a private individual physically builds their own house for their own occupation.

Chris Stops is an OSHCR registered consultant with many years of experience as a Chartered Mechanical Engineer and safety professional. We specialise in providing useful practical advice.

Issues we are regularly involved with include:

  • Ground contamination
  • Controlling unauthorised access to the site
  • The movement of materials, tools and equipment onto and off the site
  • The storage and movement of these items on the site as construction takes place
  • Working at height
  • Welfare and first aid arrangements
  • Workforce exposure to dusts containing silica, asbestos and wood
  • The management of the risk of fire during construction