Replacement Windows and Doors at the Grove

Replacing the windows and doors in a period property represents a substantial investment which requires a great deal of thought and extensive research.  New windows and doors can transform the appearance, security and energy efficiency of the property.

IQ were appointed to design, manufacture and install the replacement aluminium casement windows and doors to a period hotel in Hertfordshire, The Grove Hotel, Spa and Golf Resort. IQ helped transform the old Amber Suite into a modern function space by replacing the worn timber window and doors frames with contemporary aluminium framing.

Modern aluminium framing is durable, low maintenance and more resilient to the weather which is why it is so often the first choice for replacement windows and doors. IQ’s aluminium casement windows and doors exceeded all design requirements for this precise renovation project and offered a high thermal performance and energy efficiency.

A major design aspect to the replacement windows and doors at the Grove was to ensure that the new, modern aluminium framing maintained the design appearance of the old timber framed doors. To do this IQ designed these slim framed aluminium doors with integrated transom bars to maintain that traditional door design.

Each replacement window and door installation was design as one arrangement to minimise installation time on site. Fixed Aluminium Casement Windows were designed to surround the opening aluminium casement doors and to the side maximising the amount of natural light coming through to the interior event spaces. The slim frame casement windows ensure the amount of natural light passing through is maximised.

The aluminium replacement windows and doors fitted to the Amber Suite were finished in a white powder coat in order to replicate the existing white timber frames. The finished windows and doors replacement to the traditional period property require lower maintenance with a much longer life span.

Slim frame aluminium replacement windows
The Grove, Hertfordshire – window and door replacements
Internal view of the replacement aluminium windows

All the glazing to this project was designed and installed by IQ Glass, based in Amersham.


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