Replacement Windows in Amersham to a Traditional Home

                                                        Aluminium windows to a traditional home in Amersham, Buckinghamshire

Technology within windows has improved dramatically in the recent years. One major home refurbishment project that home owners undertake on a frequent basis is replacing outdated windows for a better thermally performing design, achieving higher energy efficiency within the property.

Slim frame aluminium casement windows from IQ were installed into a local home in Amersham, Buckinghamshire and provide the home with a contemporary design finish, dramatically improving the thermal insulation of the property and external aesthetics.

These aluminium frames use modern thermal break technology to ensure that the replacement aluminium windows adhere to, and exceed, modern building regulations for an excellent thermal efficiency with a slim metal frame design.

Aluminium is a harder material than UPVC making it a lot more durable to weathering. The robust nature of aluminium also increases the security of these replacement windows. The slim profiles you can achieve with aluminium frames are also very aesthetically pleasing which is perfect for creating the contemporary design.

The thin framing to the replacement aluminium windows maximises the amount of glazing which allows more natural light into the traditional property. A top hung configuration was used to ensure a cohesive design as there then isn’t a need for dummy vents. The aluminium windows have been configured in an arrangement with four openings for ventilation and three fixed panes of glass. The thin frames to the replacement windows maximises the amount glass used therefore maximising the amount of natural light penetrating  through to the living spaces, creating a brighter light-filled home.

By replacing old heavy framed UPVC windows with slim thermally broken aluminium windows this home will benefit from increased insulation creating a much more energy efficient home. As well as providing the property with a kerb appeal from the slimmer frames completed in a white RAL 9010 colour, blending in with the neighbouring houses.

                                                                              Top hung aluminium windows
                                               Small slim aluminium windows replacing UPVC windows
                                                               Replacement aluminium windows in Buckinghamshire

All the glazing to this project was designed and installed by IQ Glass, based in Amersham.

Contact them on 01494 722 880,, to visit their new showroom in Amersham


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