Structural Glass Box to Amersham Home


Structural Glass Box to a home in Amersham, Buckinghamshire

Structural glass boxes are used to create a completely clear and frameless extension space onto a home without any metal supports being visible. This glass box extension in particular includes an aluminium casement door, although glass box extensions can include any access opening including both sliding doors and bifolding doors.

Structural glass boxes can add value to any property as well as creating a contemporary aesthetic to more traditional homes that can be found in Amersham and around Buckinghamshire. These glass boxes allow you to extend your home helping to bring more natural lighting into your home as well as providing extra space.

This structural glass box in particular has been installed onto the back of a home in Amersham to create a conservatory style space. However, this extension has not been made into a room, it is an entrance to the basement below the garden.

The traditional home in Amersham also includes a walk on glass floor installed next to the glass box. Both the glass floor and glass box help to maximise the natural light intake into the basement area where natural light is normally hard to reach. The glass floor has been stepped and back painted to create a flush floor finish instead of using framing which would create a step. Using a frameless glass floor also improves the natural light intake into the normally dark area of the home.

The aluminium casement door has been installed to provide safe, easy access to the glass box and home entrance. The framing on the aluminium casement door and glass box have all been powder coated black to create a seamless contemporary addition to the more traditional home.

Glass Box Extension with an Aluminium Casement Door
Structural Glass Box with Black Aluminium Framing
Structural Glass Box and Glass Floor on Traditional Home in Amersham, Buckinghamshire

All the glazing to this project was designed and installed by the small works division at IQ Glass, based in Amersham.

Contact them on 01494 722 880,, to visit their new showroom in Amersham.

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